January 26, 2016


“We Love To Kayak”

Kayaking.Fit is not just about kayak rentals. We are a hub full of exciting new services catered for seasoned and new kayakers. Whether you’re exploring new horizons or just want to kayak for a few hours, renting kayaks has never been easier. Kayaking.Fit main specialty is customer experience; you choose when, where, and for how long to Kayak. Most times you’ll probably find us at the Sacramento Barge Canal on Jefferson Blvd. Check out our fees under the rentals sub-page to learn more. You may also schedule an appointment online or call us at (916) 672-9992

From Yuba City to San Francisco, paddle as far as you can. There are numerous amount of boat ramps along the Sacramento River to choose from. With access to water, food, and even camp sites. Don’t want to Kayak on the Sacramento River, no problem, how about the American River? Or perhaps you prefer a lake or creek, your options are endless, and we will meet you almost anywhere you’d like too kayak. New to Kayaking, we can also create an experience just for you or with friends and family.

New To Kayaking?

Want to try something new or a little unsure about kayaking? We can help! Kayaking is a phenomenal recreational sport, safe for families and kids ages 3 and up. At Kayaking.Fit our mission is to create a safe new environment for you, your family, and friends. Our kayaks are some of the safest in the market and we make sure of that by recycling our kayaks every 18 months, that means we resell our fleet and purchase new ones. All classes are free with purchase of kayak rentals in an area with calm waters and beautiful areas to snap pictures.