My First Post!

So in all honesty I deleted my intro a couple of times because I’m so excited about this post. Yes its my first and frankly I should have started a few years ago. None the less after being in business for over two years I finally decided to began posting about my every week adventures. As my page reads I’ve jumped from perfectly good planes, kayaked, bike, and warned out a few running kicks. I’m excited about this post because since the inception of KAYAKING.FIT my life has changed dramatically in every aspect imaginable. Starting with meditation and mindful living, working out, nutrition, and reanalyzing my life about simply living in the present. Now I won’t dive into this too much but meditation has definitely transform my life, I have to say that it wasn’t easy but with the help of the quazillion YouTube videos (wait is that a word ‘quazillion) it was all possible.


Let me start by saying that meditation literally saved me from insanity. Part of the reason why I kick started KAYAKING.FIT was because of the chaos in my life, this work life balance thing had me going bananas and I couldn’t take it anymore. From managing a marketing business and working full time as the Marketing Manager for The Salvation Army, it was total madness. Up until today I cherish the moment I halted and chose a different path which led me to the person I am today. As it turned out KAYAKING.FIT was created as an escape from my madness and a few years later I now own 15 kayaks. So how did meditation helped? Well it so happened that even after being in business for a year the madness was returning which at this point I realized it wasn’t what I was doing but how I was processing life. To make a super long story short I found meditation, hired help to guide me on how to meditate, took a few weeks to get used to it, and was cured from my madness. I know, you probably wanted to hear more but this topic is very meaningful to me and its one that I’d like to share in depth. I’ll write more about this topic in the months to come, but for now I am happy to be here and looking forward to sharing more about meditation, nutrition, adventures, kayaking, and so much more. Please feel free to reply!


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